Bespoke and commission work is a central part of my jewellery making

I can work with a clients own designs or ideas, and advise on correct selection and sourcing of gems if required. After consultation I will produce sketches and artwork to an agreed design for the clients approval. In some situations a wax model can be created to ascertain proportions/dimensions before starting on the item in gold, platinum, palladium or silver. If you wish to have a piece of jewellery commissioned please contact me by email:, or phone 01872 501193 or 07747865498

Commission Work - Bruce Dalgleish

This commission was to remake my clients existing traditional platinum ring set with a stunning centre diamond of approx 3 carats, and reset the diamond into something more contemporary that would make a ‘statement’. After a series of design ideas passed between us we decided on adding a tapering row of 4 baguette diamonds in each shoulder, and surround these with ‘microset’ pave diamonds.

I sent a wax model of the ring to the client to approve proportions and finger size, and proceeded to make the ring mount in platinum. Needless to say we were both delighted with the outcome!

Commission Work - Bruce Dalgleish
Bespoke Work - Bruce Dalgleish

My client had recently returned from a trip to Asia and whilst there purchased a selection of blue and orange Sapphires. We decided on a design that mimicked the shape of one his favourite islands in the area he visited, and sprinkled a few diamonds amongst the sapphires to add contrast.

Commission Work - Bruce Dalgleish

When asked to design an engagement ring for a client who works as a tree surgeon, and in his spare time likes to build furniture from some of the trunks and branches from this activity, we both thought we could continue this theme into this piece of jewellery, although not in wood!

After we decided on a Mandarin Garnet as the centre stone, we made a few sketches of ideas that would mimic a branch of a tree. The subsequent careful placement of diamonds along the White Gold branch created an intriguing, unique and very personal final design.

Commission Work - Bruce Dalgleish
From sketch to finished piece

18ct White Gold Cultured Pearl and Diamond Brooch

This item was designed using my clients pearls left over from the dismantling of her pearl necklace

The pearls are fully drilled, so a peg holds the back end of the pearl into the setting and a small diamond set in a white gold tube is positioned into the top of the pearl